Baduerykah x Tyme. split 7″ ep

Released on Jan.9 2016
EP Trailer movie >> youtu.be/wH0fbW1nYmE

Produced by Tyme./Tatsuya Yamada
Overtones illustrated by Takuya Sugiyama
Live movie : youtu.be/chSYzEvgELg

7inch vinyl EP by Tyme. x Baduerykah has been released!
This is their first vinyl release, and contains 3 songs as follows. (with Digital download code)
Tyme. track is “OVERTONES”, this is exactly sound creation by Tyme., which is strange but groovy. Baduerykah presents the other two songs such as“Los que les gusta platos de huero”,which is totally dope drone shit like being creeped in a weird world, and “DOPEBOY ADVANCE” like shower of Hardcore Punk.
Also the jacket of Tyme. has a cool artwork drawn by Takuya Sugimoto, who is an artist and actor.
Please feel free to contact us to an e-mail address below if you are interested in our vinyl.